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The Wongz Family News Space | The Wong Design
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A personal project of mine; thewongz is the little corner of the internet that my small (but growing!) family calls home. A lot can happen in a life in a short span of time. Some announcements deserve more than being relegated to a facebook post or a twitter update.

My family’s first big event was the announcement of our first child. Throughout my wife’s pregnancy I posted periodic updates with a graphical flair. By hosting everything on a custom site, I had freedom to create info graphics and other content that allowed a more in depth look for close friends and family. I integrated facebook comments as an easy way for people we knew to add their two cents or send their well wishes.

The potential for this site is endless. As my life goes on, so will this site. More updates are planned for the future as the baby grows, the family moves, more babies arrive and woodland creatures settle into our home.

Visit the site here